The Beatles In The 1980s

If there’s one decade that gets a bad rap, it’s the 1980s. It’s often seen as a low point for many musical legends of the past; a time of bad hairstyles and fashion choices, and work that now sounds very dated. It certainly had its challenges for the former Beatles, but it also had its triumphs. Continue reading “The Beatles In The 1980s”


The Beatles In The 1970s

As the 1960s came to an end, so did the band who helped define the decade. The break-up of The Beatles had been coming for some time, and it finally became public knowledge in April 1970 when Paul McCartney announced his departure (John Lennon had informed the others of his intention to leave several months earlier, but was urged to keep the decision a secret for the time being). Continue reading “The Beatles In The 1970s”

The Beatles As Musicians

It’s probably fair to say that The Beatles are revered for their songs first and foremost. This is hardly surprising; however, I’ve always felt that their musicianship has been somewhat overlooked as a result. Hardcore Beatles fans will always sing their praises in this area, but how often do you hear the average person rave about John Lennon’s guitar playing? They’re far more likely to talk about his talent as a songwriter. Continue reading “The Beatles As Musicians”

Remembering John Lennon

For every Beatles fan old enough to remember, 8 December 1980 was a day of complete shock and sadness: John Lennon was killed outside his New York apartment building in the most horrific of circumstances. Just three weeks earlier, he had released his first new album in five years, and as interviews given at the time indicate, life was good and he was full of plans for the New Year. Devastatingly, those plans were obliterated by the actions of a disturbed gunman. For those who had grown up with The Beatles, it was like losing a part of themselves. Continue reading “Remembering John Lennon”

Song Spotlight: If I Fell

This week I’d like to take a look at one of my all-time favourite Beatles ballads: ‘If I Fell’.

Written mainly by John Lennon, with input from Paul McCartney, ‘If I Fell’ is a track from 1964’s A Hard Day’s Night album and film. It’s yet another example of how good John was at writing ballads, even though some people have always considered him to be the ‘hard-edged’ Beatle. Continue reading “Song Spotlight: If I Fell”

Song Spotlight: She’s Leaving Home

Asking a Beatles fanatic to choose their favourite song is a bit like asking them to name their favourite time of day to breathe. It’s a hard enough question with most artists, so when it comes The Beatles, it’s a thousand times more difficult. So it may seem crazy to even attempt to write about my ‘favourite’ Beatles songs. Yet that’s exactly what I’m going to do, starting now. These posts will appear on the blog every Friday for at least the next few weeks. I’m starting off this week with ‘She’s Leaving Home’. Continue reading “Song Spotlight: She’s Leaving Home”

Why Yoko Ono Divides Fans

Yoko Ono is a huge part of the history of The Beatles, and almost fifty years after she first entered John Lennon’s life, she continues to divide fans. There are plenty of people who admire Yoko, but equally there are just as many who still blame her for the band’s demise, and who view her as a negative influence on John. So is she really as bad as she’s been made out to be? Continue reading “Why Yoko Ono Divides Fans”

Favourite Beatle: The Eternal Debate

Who’s your favourite Beatle? It’s a question that’s almost impossible for fans to avoid. Sooner or later someone will ask you, and you need to have an answer for it. If you don’t, they will keep hounding you until they get one. But that’s not enough. You will then have to argue the case for your favourite Beatle, and there will always be that one person who disagrees with everything you say and will try to start an argument over who’s the best. Continue reading “Favourite Beatle: The Eternal Debate”