Beatle Bore is a blog dedicated to the world’s greatest band… you guessed it, The Beatles. It was set up in September 2016 as an outlet for my incessant ramblings about the band and their music, including their solo endeavours.

My love for The Beatles is one of the first things people learn about me when they meet me. Some would say I never stop talking about them, hence the name of the blog. But instead of boring people who have no interest in listening to me talk about The Beatles (such people do exist, it seems), I decided to write about them for people who are interested. People like you, presumably. Hi!

You can expect to find a mix of Beatle-related comment, opinion and reviews here, as well as more personal posts relating to my individual experiences as a fan.

Who is the Beatle Bore?

I’m Sarah, 27 years old, from Ireland. I have been obsessed with The Beatles for as long as I can remember. My early childhood was spent singing along to Beatles tapes my parents had around the house. As I got older, I began collecting the albums and memorabilia for myself, and I’ve never looked back.

You can read more about how I became a Beatlemaniac right here.


My passion for this amazing band has been responsible for some of the best adventures I’ve had in my life. I’ve seen Paul McCartney live (including the time Ringo got on stage with him in London in 2018, aka the best day of my life). I’ve made the pilgrimage to Liverpool, visited Beatles landmarks in London and New York, been to Beatles festivals and seen more tribute bands than I can count. And of course I’ve made some wonderful friends along the way who love The Beatles as much as I do.

Thanks for visiting the blog. I hope you enjoy reading! Feel free to leave a comment on any of the posts.

Find us on Twitter: @BeatleBore

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