The ‘Paul Is Dead’ Conspiracy Theory

As it’s Halloween, it seems fitting to take a look at one of the weirdest elements of the Beatles story: the ‘Paul is Dead’ conspiracy theory. Although it originated way back in 1967, it endures to this day. In fact, since the advent of the internet, it’s probably become even more of a big deal, with countless websites dedicated to exposing the ‘truth’ about what happened. Yes, there are people who still believe that Paul McCartney was killed in a car crash and replaced by a lookalike. Continue reading “The ‘Paul Is Dead’ Conspiracy Theory”


Song Spotlight: Yes It Is

This is the second part of a new series looking at some of my favourite Beatles songs. Last week the spotlight was on ‘She’s Leaving Home’, and now it’s time to take a look at what is arguably one of the most underrated songs in the band’s back catalogue: ‘Yes It Is’.

Written by John Lennon, ‘Yes It Is’ was released in 1965 as the B-side to ‘Ticket to Ride’. It was included on Beatles VI in the United States, while it can also be heard on the Past Masters release. Continue reading “Song Spotlight: Yes It Is”

Song Spotlight: She’s Leaving Home

Asking a Beatles fanatic to choose their favourite song is a bit like asking them to name their favourite time of day to breathe. It’s a hard enough question with most artists, so when it comes The Beatles, it’s a thousand times more difficult. So it may seem crazy to even attempt to write about my ‘favourite’ Beatles songs. Yet that’s exactly what I’m going to do, starting now. These posts will appear on the blog every Friday for at least the next few weeks. I’m starting off this week with ‘She’s Leaving Home’. Continue reading “Song Spotlight: She’s Leaving Home”

The Beatles Are Not Just For Boomers

I read an article today which argued that the world should move on from The Beatles because they were always overrated — the usual, really. It’s an opinion I’ve heard many times, but what irked me about this particular article was the author’s claim that the reason for The Beatles’ enduring popularity is the ‘arrogance’ of the Baby Boom generation, who are apparently desperately clinging onto things which represent how much better they think their era was. And that includes The Beatles. Continue reading “The Beatles Are Not Just For Boomers”

The Liverpool Adventure – Part 2

Following our hectic day of Beatles sightseeing in Liverpool, Adele and I caught up on some much-needed sleep and woke up bright and early on Saturday morning for our first proper day of Beatleweek. Having picked up our wristbands and itinerary at the very fancy Adelphi hotel (where we unfortunately weren’t staying!) we wandered over to a venue called Alma de Cuba at lunchtime for our first event, Songs The Beatles Gave Away. Continue reading “The Liverpool Adventure – Part 2”

The Liverpool Adventure – Part 1

When I was growing up, I didn’t have any friends with whom I could share my Beatles obsession. It wasn’t until 2012, when I started university, that this changed. I still remember the exact moment. I was sitting in a tutorial in a computer lab when I casually mentioned The Beatles to Adele, the girl sitting beside me. In the conversation that followed, I discovered that not only was she also a massive fan, but had been to the same two Paul McCartney concerts as me. The minute she started showing me pictures of the Beatles places she’d visited in Liverpool, it was obvious that we were on exactly the same wavelength. From that tutorial onwards, we were friends. Continue reading “The Liverpool Adventure – Part 1”

My 5 Least Favourite Beatles Songs

Despite being the most influential band of the last century, The Beatles had some weak links in their back catalogue. It’s okay — everyone does. I would be very surprised to come across a Beatles fan who doesn’t have at least one song they dislike (if that fan is you, I’m very surprised!) so just for fun, I’ve decided to let you in on a few songs that have failed to impress my Beatle-worshipping ears. As you might imagine, these are songs I’m not in the habit of listening to regularly, so I’ve revisited each of them for the first time in quite a while to see if my opinion has changed. In no particular order… Continue reading “My 5 Least Favourite Beatles Songs”

Why Yoko Ono Divides Fans

Yoko Ono is a huge part of the history of The Beatles, and almost fifty years after she first entered John Lennon’s life, she continues to divide fans. There are plenty of people who admire Yoko, but equally there are just as many who still blame her for the band’s demise, and who view her as a negative influence on John. So is she really as bad as she’s been made out to be? Continue reading “Why Yoko Ono Divides Fans”