How Women Influenced The Beatles

The Beatles were fortunate to have a number of strong women in their lives, who helped shape them into the people they became as well as providing creative inspiration. Whether it was the foundation laid by their mothers (and also, in John’s case, his aunt) or the love and support of their wives, women have always played an important role in their story. I decided to take a look at this, in celebration of International Women’s Day. Continue reading “How Women Influenced The Beatles”


Why Did Hating Paul McCartney Become Cool?

There’s no denying it: Paul McCartney gets a lot of hate. Not just from outside the Beatles fan community, but within it too. But why? What is it about him that offends certain people so much compared with his bandmates? Continue reading “Why Did Hating Paul McCartney Become Cool?”

Three Irish Fans, Two Beatles And A Rolling Stone: Paul McCartney in London, 16/12/18

Incredibly, it was eight years ago that I attended my second Paul McCartney concert in Dublin (I’ve written about both gigs on this blog before — here and here), so it was about time I got a chance to see him again. With a new album being released (the wonderful Egypt Station) I wondered if 2018 would be my year, and luckily it was! This past summer, Paul announced three end of year shows in the UK — Liverpool, Glasgow and London — as part of his Freshen Up tour, and I knew I had to go to at least one of them! Continue reading “Three Irish Fans, Two Beatles And A Rolling Stone: Paul McCartney in London, 16/12/18”

The White Album: A Glorious Mess

The White Album was released 50 years ago today, and fans are still divided over whether it was one of The Beatles’ greatest pieces of work or a bit of a mess. Double albums can be tricky; they’re either so full of great material that the artist was unable to leave anything out, or they’re a sign that the artist is having trouble separating the good from the bad. But when it comes to The Beatles, the answer isn’t quite as simple as that. Continue reading “The White Album: A Glorious Mess”

Paul McCartney – Egypt Station (Review)

The release of new Paul McCartney music is always a hugely exciting event. Pressing ‘play’ for the first time, not knowing what you’ll hear but hoping it will live up to expectations… there’s nothing like it. Egypt Station, his first studio album since 2013’s New, is finally here. The title is based on a painting of Paul’s from 1988 — but does it sound as interesting as it looks? Here’s a track by track breakdown. Continue reading “Paul McCartney – Egypt Station (Review)”

Arise, Sir Ringo!

It finally happened: after years of campaigning from fans, Ringo Starr has officially been knighted. The announcement was made in the New Year’s Honours List, with the investiture ceremony taking place at Buckingham Palace last week. Ringo is of course no stranger to the Queen’s digs, having accepted an MBE there in 1965 with his bandmates, but this knighthood is long overdue. Continue reading “Arise, Sir Ringo!”

Why Brian Epstein Was So Important

Brian Epstein died 50 years ago, on 27 August 1967, leaving a massive void in the lives of the four Beatles and those who worked closely with them. Brian wasn’t just a manager; he was a friend and a mentor. Without him, The Beatles wouldn’t have been the band we came to know and love. And after his death, they were never quite the same. Continue reading “Why Brian Epstein Was So Important”

The Rutles: The “Other” Greatest Band

Over the years there have been many films made about The Beatles, ranging from entertaining to cringe-inducing. One of my absolute favourites is not a straightforward biopic of the band, but rather a parody of them — The Rutles, or to give it its full title, All You Need Is Cash. Continue reading “The Rutles: The “Other” Greatest Band”

Ringo Starr’s Greatest Drumming Moments

Ringo Starr is arguably the most underrated drummer in music history — which is ironic considering he was a member of the most iconic band of all time. For years his skills have either been criminally overlooked or derided, and he is often seen as being somehow less important than his fellow Beatles. In honour of his birthday, it’s time to challenge that view and celebrate some of his greatest drumming moments.
Continue reading “Ringo Starr’s Greatest Drumming Moments”

Paul McCartney’s Amazing Longevity

It’s hard to believe, but today is Paul McCartney’s 75th birthday. How did this even happen? The man who once imagined in song what it would be like when he was 64 is now eleven years older than that — and rather than resting on his laurels, he’s still out there touring and making great music. So, in honour of the occasion, I wanted to celebrate his incredible longevity. Continue reading “Paul McCartney’s Amazing Longevity”